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Welcome to the American Miniature Schnauzer Club's educational CD. This website is provided as a tool for both judges and owners of the breed. For judges, this will help you better understand Miniature Schnauzer type as defined in the Standard. For owners, this will help you understand your own breed better. And for breeders, it will give you a better understanding of the traits you want to perpetuate in your breeding program.

Judges: This is only one tool to assist in helping you understand this breed. Please be sure to avail yourself of other means of education. The AMSC has official Breed Mentors who will assist your learning. There are other resources available (see Resources above).

This CD is divided into 7 parts on the bar at the top of this screen.

Intro is this page.

History is the first part and discusses in some detail the history of the breed, including the origin of the colors. You need to understand where a breed comes from and what other breeds it's related to in order to be a better judge or breeder.

The Standard contains the AKC standard for judging the breed in conformation shows. There are links to each area so you can refer to certain parts quickly if there's a need.

Discussion is the meatiest part of this site. It contains a portion of the standard (in blue box) and discusses and explains further what that portion of the standard means. Within the Discussion section on Temperament, there are lots of videos and photographs of Miniature Schnauzers doing much more than showing in conformation. Included is obedience, earthdog, agility, and tracking.

Judging includes techniques that judges can use when judging the breed in the conformation ring, such as sparring and measuring.

Quiz has a detailed quiz on the contents of this site. It is in 4 parts. You can keep your score and see if you improve over time.

References contains background information, including a number of additional good examples of the breed. There's also an extensive list of terms that are found in the standard, along with their definitions.


The American Miniature Schnauzer Club


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